What’s a CSA

CSA stands for Consumer Supported Agriculture. It allows you as the consumer to directly support a farmer and her farm. You pay a one-time fee in exchange for a weekly share of the harvest. Sometimes the harvest is bountiful which means you’ll receive a great variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Sometimes things don’t go as planned–weather, bugs, rodents, crop failure–in this case, you may not receive all varieties of crops. In severe cases (such as hail or tornado!), you may not receive anything at all. However, in our 9 years of growing food, we’ve consistently delivered to our shareholders.

The past 9 seasons have taught us quite a bit. We know that you like the staples: Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, winter squash, melons, kale, and a few herbs. Those are things that we are pretty good at growing and you can expect to find those in your share on a regular basis.

Other things like beans, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, sweet corn, egg plant and a few other odds and ends will make it in the share as the season allows.

The 2020 CSA delivery will start the first week of August and run through the end of September. In addition to your weekly share, you will also be invited to participate the Final Harvest. During this event, you’ll actually come to the farm and fill your own boxes with produce. As a part of your share, you will get two share boxes to fill with what ever you want to harvest plus 2 pumpkins.

We have 3 options for pick-up: Tuesdays at JJ’s Wine and Spirits, Thursdays at Woodgrain Brewing, and Saturdays at the Co-Op.