CSA Share–Pick-up at the Co-Op on Saturday Morning


When you purchase a CSA share, you are purchasing more than food. You are helping to sustain a piece of land and the people and animals who live on it. Each delivery is made up of freshly harvested produce that is grown on the farm by the farmers who live here.

In addition to your weekly share, you will get the opportunity to come out for our final harvest at the end of the season. Your share gets you two additional bushel boxes of what ever you want to fill it with and 4 pumpkins. The final harvest day is the best day of the year!

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Get your freshly picked vegetables and anything else you need for the weekend at this pick-up. We will be at the Co-Op from 9:30am-10:30am on Saturdays.

Deliveries will start the first week in August and end the first week in October.

Price includes $22.75 sales tax.